Vector design skills linked to laser cutting, laser cutter machine mechanic and key member of the materials testing team. The resident Mr Fix It. Loves anything computer based from using them to building them! Expert in electronics including Lego robotics and Raspberry Pis.






 Enrique Bueno MatillaFabLab Laser Specialist     





The Fab Lab’s 3D Printing designer, an expert in image and design manipulation and machine mechanics. A working graduate specialising in prosthetics. A pro with anything 3D Printing including the 3D Printed Pen. Also a keen fencer!







 Bronwyn JonesFabLab 3D Technician   





Printing fanatic! There is nothing Javi can’t make! From 3D CAD design and manipulation to 3D printing speeds, quality and strength and durability properties. All makes and models are adapted to suit the needs of the projects brought into the lab.





 Javier Bueno MatillaFabLab 3D Technician   





Bitmap and Vector expert, a Graphic Design graduate interested in anything creative, specialising in corporate branding and typography. Works with all materials and keen use machinery and equipment to develop his already versatile skill set.







 Ryan McKenzieFabLab Digital Designer/CNC Specialist     





A graphic Design student and Engineering practitioner, interested in all aspects of the design and make process! Experienced in advertising and branding and expert on the CNC router – loves working with industry and project makers and hobbyists alike.







 Jimmy IngmanFabLab Manager   














 Ruben Bueno MatillaFabLab Lego Rebotics Specialist   



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