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The Crucible Furnace is usually placed on a Flamefast Raised Sand Tray (1200 (L) x 800 (W) x 300mm (H). The burner has auto ignition with fail safe controls and flame failure protection. Melts up to 2 litres aluminum in 25 minutes with a maximum temperature 1100°C.


Braising Hearth

The DS430D is a combined Ceramic Chip Forge and Double Brazing Hearth with fail-safe controls. Sized at: 140x55x180 (h) the unit consists of a ceramic chip forge and two brazing hearth usually equipped with 2 Flamefast RF80 brazing torches and includes Varivac extraction canopy.


Standard Equipment (Forging)

Push-button no-volt release starter, Ceramic hearth, Automatic safety check of controls and air fan, Full manual control of hearth conditions, Whisper quiet air blower fan, Indicator status lights, Gas non-return valve, 12.5kg of ceramic chippings, Operation/Instruction manual, Side and rear heat shields, Rake iron, and

Standard Equipment (Brazing)

2 asbestos-free heat resistant refractory hearths, 4 full size Heat Reflective Blocks, 8 half size Heat Reflective locks, Push-button no-volt release starter, 2 RF80 brazing torches, Colour coded reinforced gas and air hoses, Whisper quiet air blower fan, Push button electronic ignition, Auto gas leak proving system on startup, Indicator status lights, Gas non-return valve, and Operation/Instruction manual


Laser Cutter

Apollo 600 Laser Cutter Our laser cutter provides the ideal system for laser engraving and laser cutting. It’s efficient, precise and provides results of the highest quality. Almost anything is possible with laser cutting and with 1:1 tuition from Warrington Fab Lab staff, there are no barriers to creating and making the ideal personalised items. Maximum cutting speeds of 400 mm per second and raster engraving speeds of 666mm per second our laser cutter is high speed and cost effective. Its working area of 600x400 mm makes it ideal for all the projects in the small to medium brackets. Supported files include. PLT, .BMP, .DXF, .AI, .DST, .DWG, .LAS.


3D printer

Our 3D Printer has a huge build volume of 305x305x605mm with accuracy levels of 0.01mm minimum layer height. With dual extruding facilities and electronic driven lifting it operates using 4x increased torque performance. A handy 7 inch display screen allows you to manage your build and review progress this is an excellent piece of machinery and results during rapid prototyping have been exceptional.


Vinyl Cutter

The Roland CAMM-1 GS-24 desktop cutter is precision and efficiency to the maximum. With a cutting carriage and blade holder, the GS-24 offers great stability, up to 10x overlap cutting and down force of up to 350 grams so that you can cut like never before — even on thick, dense substrates. The GS-24 is ideal for any sign writing and branding that is required.


Metal Working Lathe

Our Warco 240 lath offers variable speed and rev counter. It’s a highly accurate piece of machinery and features a powerful motor and full range of additional tooling, clamping and cutting accessories. Motor speeds range from 30-3250 rpm. The lathes feature thread dial indicators, left hand threading, and reversible motor this is ideal for accurate metal working.


Milling Machine

Our Warco milling machines may be compact in size but offers excellent metal cutting and shaping facilities. The machine head has the ability to tilt through 90 degrees, the dovetail column ensures a positive head location and the digital depth ruler ensure accuracy. The machine is equipped with full range of additional tooling, clamping and cutting accessories


Shopbot CNC Router

This is one of the largest, and fastest CNC routers in the country. Speeds of 1800 inches per minute and cutting speeds of up to 600 inches per minute. It has a cutting capability 2400x1220mm and a depth range of 75mm. This is ideal for cutting all sheet materials including MDF, plywood, hardwoods, plastics and more. Working with the latest version of VCARVE software our team are on hand to provide bespoke 1:! Support on any areas of your project.


Line Benders

Our manually operated line-blending machines are capable of producing high quality bends in plastic sheet up to 10mm thick, from standard materials up to 500mm in width. Our line benders are easy to use and devoid of any complicated controls. It is particularly useful for display purposes e.g. menu holders, price holders and machine guards.


Mini Drones – Parrot Mambo

Our fleet of mini drones are all robust quadcopters and have the ability to be piloted inside and out. Linked to a drag and drop creative code app on iPads this makes free flight or coded/ programed flights achievable. Ideal for challenges and developing key links to STEM and ICT curriculum – these are best experienced for free at our monthly Coder Dojo event- please see website for details.


DJI Phantom 4 Drone

The DGI Phantom 4 is the biggest drone of the fleet. This has an incredible 30 minute flight time with a range of 7km. There is an on-board camera allowing you to capture high resolution 4k imagery and includes a burst mode still at 14 fps. This is ideal for photography, filming, agriculture, 3D mapping, structural inspection and surveying.


Lego Mind Storms NXT2

Our Lego Mind Storms robots are an ideal way of developing practical code and practical application. This involves using specially designed Lego software to drag and drop simple blocks before applying settings such as speed, sounds, displays and ultrasonic distances. The robots offer versatility and have the ability to turn into thousands of different robotic inventions.


Spheros / Maze

Our Sphero SPRK allows young people to develop programming through hands on experience and allows users to share their projects online. There are a number of programmable sensors including motor encoders, gyroscope, and accelerometer with LED lights. These are best experienced for free at our monthly Coder Dojo event- please see website for details.


Heat Press Facilities

Our heat press facilities include t-shirts and mugs and are perfect to add a personalised finish to your own products. It has a built-in Teflon coated 38 x 29cm heat platen with a full range of heating coils to allow for consistency throughout its surface. The digital timer control is adjustable and can be tailored to each individual job / requirements. It can transfer words, numbers and images on T-Shirts, garments, bags, mouse mats, jigsaw puzzles, cups, mugs, plates, baseball hats and any other items, suitable for producing gift, advertisement.


Sewing Machines

We as a facility have a large stock of Brother sewing machines with all fixings and attachments to provide a full 17 stitch selection, 4 step buttonhole, top loading bobbin and single dial stitch selection. Based in a fully equipped textiles room with cutting tables and equipment this is an ideal asset to our facility that lets you get your craft on! *Please not that staff will need advance notice if this is planned to be used*


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