If you are working in industry we offer a design and manufacture service that could include a single item or all of the following:


                                                    INITIAL DESIGN CONSULTANCY


Do you need help establishing a design idea for new parts or components within your industry? Are you unsure on how to manufacture / prototype initial design sketches?


We have expertise in laser cutting, 3D printing and CNC routing and have worked with a number of industry leading companies to offer manufacturing consultancy for their projects, looking to aid the design and development process from a computer aided manufacturing perspective.



                                                          CAD DESIGN PRODUCTION


We are able to offer a design service producing your 2D / 3D vector design files. We have access to a range of industry standard design programs and a team that includes computer aided design experts. The completed designs can be exported and shared with you in any file format for you to seek your own methods of manufacture or our service could be extended with us being requested to complete the making on your behalf.


                                                           CAM MANUFACTURING


We have industry standard digital fabrication equipment and are welcoming projects from industry to take advantage of our competitive manufacturing costs. We the ability to take your digital design files and turn these into a physical reality.

We are also able to work to tight deadlines and deliver at additional charges should there be a need.


Out manufacturing capabilities include:


Laser Cutting – 600x400 mm

3D Printing – 300x 300x 600 mm

CNC Routing - 2440mm x 1220mm






Within our Fab Lab team we have qualified teachers who have written bespoke STEM curriculum based creative projects to get young people involved and exposed to the working world of Engineering and Design Technology. We have had previous experience in offering these sessions/ courses and curriculum based learning programmes with youth groups, home schooling networks and a number of primary schools.


The packages we offer are entirely bespoke and can include an amazing variety of experiences that guarantee involvement, engagement and understanding from all areas of digital fabrication. This can include Laser Cutting, 3D Printing, T-shirt and mug design and printing, Lego Robotics, Lego Stop Motion videoing to name a few!


We ask you contact us directly for availability and pricing information on There is the option to experience our high end fabrication labs or alternatively we are able to bring the labs to you in the form of our amazing ‘pop up’ FabLab.





Warrington FabLab has been added to Children's University's: Passport to learning. Working in partnership we will be jointly advertising upcoming events for young people in the north west. Our events have been accredited as contributing hours towards the children's passports so not only will children and young people have an opportunity to experience high end industry standard digital fabrication they can also work towards obtaining their certification with this amazing programme








In Partnership with

FabLab Warrington

Beamont Collegiate Academy

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