We offer a really wide range of digital fabrication software across the multi ICT platforms is available that will allow you to carry out a range of tasks whether it be work processing, presentations, CAD/ CAM works, website design, programming and or coding.

We have it all! Packages include the full Full Microsoft Packages (Word, PowerPoint and Excel), 2D Design, AutoDesk Revit, Autodesk 123D Design, Makerbot software, Scratch, Python, Lego NXT programming software, Macromedia Fireworks, Google Sketch Up. You are also able to bring digital files to us from any vector software, we usually work with stl / dxf files but we can make anything work.


BBC Microbit


 The Microbit is a fun pocket sized programmable computer developed by the BBC to engage youngsters of all ages in programming in many different programming languages.  It has built in motion detection, Bluetooth capability and compass.  Fun projects enable students to create simple yet fun games that function through motion detection and utilise the accelerometer which is basically the feature within all our devices that kicks in when they are tilted and rotated.  The Microbit is a great tool to develop a hunger for programming as most of what a youngster develops can be seen, played or read on the hand held device using the flashing LED display





Coding sessions in python / Visual Basic / JavaScript / Scratch


Programming can often be done in a wide range of languages without the need for specialist software by using web based IDEs (Integrated development environments) or text editors and exporting in .HTMLs among others.  However as well as this approach we also have access to programs such as Scratch and the IDEs for Python and Visual Basic.


Raspberry Pi


A Raspberry Pi is a tiny, affordable and portable computer that you can use to learn programming through fun, practical projects. We currently use the Pi’s to code through Python and Scratch. We are currently exploring all the exciting projects that Pi has to offer such as Minecraft coding, robot making and creating music using Sonic Pi.


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