AeroCycle Project

Graham has worked for TVR and is currently working for Bentley and he has been involved in the design of a lot of exciting car design projects. He became the Chief designer of TVR Sports Cars at 27 and has since established his own design consultancy business called Morphosa ltd

Andy's Prosthetic Hand Project

On the 20th February 2017 Andrew, 5, and his family were directed to FabLab Warrington via a local, Warrington based, disability charity Reach. The family were invited in to discuss the possibility of developing a prosthetic hand with Jimmy and the team. Within this first meeting we discussed the concept of 3D printing, explored some of the projects the FabLab has already completed and reviewed a range of design ideas and possible solutions prior to moving onto the prototyping stages.

Touchstones Event

We were contacted by Touchstones Rochdale to take part in there Egyptian exhibition and we were thrilled to be apart of it. on the two days of the event we displayed our 3D Printing capabilities with our two 3D Printers (Makerbot, Raise 3D). On the event days we printed small canopic jars for the museum to give away to people coming to the event, prior to the event we worked alongside lee at Monument Men to scan in the canopic jar and a few other artefact's .

Mega Dojo 2017

. Hosted for the first time outside of Ireland we at Warrington FabLab welcomed 400+ Guests for across the Globe to Experience everything Dojo. The Codojo is a monthly event thast is run here at the school we are based at - see our eventbrite page to find out when our next event will be.

Film Set Spaceship

This model was made by Christian, Christian came to see us at the FabLab becuase he needed some help to 3D print a  model that he was making for his friends movie. After sucsessfully Printing the model for Christian he brought it back in to show us the finished Painted model.

Rhyannon Parry

Rhyannon Parry is a local Freelance artist who came to visit us regarding using our laser cutter after a few training sessions Rhyannon  got under way with her project, this project was shown in the heart of glass st Helens and she has recently been back with another project.

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