Maker Bot Used to bring digital CAD imagery to life in pla and abs- training provided on both cad software and the 3d printers themselves.
 Laser Cutter Used to cut, engrave and raster designs on almost any material including woods, plastics, textiles, slate, etc. training provided on both cad software and the laser cutter. Maximum working area of 600x400mm.
 Raise 3D Used to bring digital CAD imagery to life in pla and abs- training provided on both cad software and the 3d printers themselves.
 CNC Machine Used to cut and shape woods, manufactured boards and plastics- full cad training and machine set up offered. Maximum working area of 8 foot 4 foot (1200mm - 2400mm)
 Drones(Phantom 4/Parrot Mambo) Drone is available within the Fab Lab offering a unique opportunity to take advantage of Drone flight tuition and take control of an exciting piece of new and emerging technology.
 Brazing Hearth Used to join metals and create a soft weld- this ideal for any project ranging from desk lamp to bike/ furniture.
 Casting Bay Used to cast aluminium and other metals with melting points up to 1200 degrees, sand casting equipment and PPE is also available.
 Forge Used to heat and shape metal includes all ppe hand held equipment and shaping facilities
 Vacuum Former Using pre-made or bespoke moulds this offers a facility to make and shape plastic by way of a vacuum. This is ideal for plastic casings for electronic projects, packaging or if creativity is not a problem products like 21st century board games.
 Line Bender Used to shape acrylic and transform 2D CAD nets into fully functioning products like phone and iPad stands all the way to storage boxes and table displays.
 Vinyl Cutter A sticker cutter that allows you to create designs on screen and use the sticky backed vinyl plastic to turn it into a real product. This is an ideal way of decorating/ customising any practical project but has real commercial use through professional signage and sign writing.  Textiles – Sewing Machines There are a wide range of textile facilities available within the Fab Lab including sewing machines/ threads, needles etc. for projects big or small- finger puppets and decorations to curtains and table ware.
Lego NXT Robots Excellent build project, when complete has the ability to be programmed using a rang of 6 outputs including digital display, microphone, ultrasonic reader. Can also be customer and controlled through wi fi and hand held devices
 Mac suite, iPad, Laptop & PC Suite for 3D design CAD/CAM Our Mac Suite, iPad, Laptop and PC suite offers a fully compressive ICT solution for any given need whether that be to develop ICT skills and literacy, programme a range of the devices listed or master the CAD software we have available across the multi platforms. Router and Table Used to shape timbers creating holes, decorative patterns and finished edging.


Pillar Drill Used to drill a range of holes from 2mm-120mm in all materials.
Disk and Belt Sanders Used to create high quality fishes to woods, manufactured boards, plastics foams and other model making materials. Soldering A range of electronic equipment is available in school including soldering irons, CNC to design and make your own PCB’s, a wide range of wires and components and all of the relevant hand held tools to make the electronic ideas come to life.
Sublimation printer/ Heat Press An fast and professional way to create branded products. Imagery and designs are created on screen and printed using sublimation inks and processed through a heat press to transfer the design onto the chosen products- capabilities of the heat press include textiles (t-shirts/ shorts etc) to cups to caps- Branding is now a reality!
Buffer/ Polisher Used to finish metals and plastics taking a cut edge to the highly polished final product expectation. Chop Saw Used to cut lengths of timber in preparation for any given project.
Mechanical Band Saw Used to cut metal lengths to the correct dimensions in preparation for any metal working projects.
Band Saw Used for cutting sheet materials and shaping products during production- maximum working area of 380mm. Ford Focus Breaking Rig Used to test and service breaks completing a range of not style tests and checks
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